Residential garden: West Wimbledon House

Our largest Rubblazzo project to date was a collection of unique luxury garden furniture and landscaping for a garden makeover.

Rubblazzo was recently used for a garden design project in West Wimbledon, London. Landscape garden designer Tom Massey used the sustainable and eco-friendly material in various aspects of the project, including water features, paving, and for a luxurious outdoor seating area.

The residential property had undergone a significant subterranean extension requiring a complete remodelling of the garden, and Rubblazzo was the perfect choice to enhance the new visually stunning outdoor space. Some of the rubble from the extension works was repurposed within the bespoke Rubblazzo for the L-shaped bench and dining tables, adding to sustainable credentials.

Rubblazzo's versatility is beautifully showcased in this project. The bespoke material is ideal for exterior applications and proved its suitability for use in a variety of forms and settings.

This innovative, cement-free material made from rubble collected from demolished London buildings, is the result of extensive research and development. As this project shows, it can easily be incorporated into a range of design schemes.

Diespeker is committed to ensuring that Rubblazzo is at the forefront of eco-friendly design materials, offering a new approach and a distinctive choice for bringing fresh ideas to sustainable outdoor spaces.