Residential garden: Your Garden Made Perfect

One of our pioneering uses for the Rubblazzo product.

Rubblazzo featured in an episode of the BBC's "Your Garden Made Perfect" as a sustainable option for garden paving. This was a proud moment for both Tom Massey and Diespeker! The use of Rubblazzo in this context showcased our commitment to original design as well as underlining the real need and demand for this sustainable material.

During the programme, Tom discussed Rubblazzo’s merits as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paving materials. He highlighted the unique aesthetic and tactile qualities of Rubblazzo, as well as its eco-credentials, which aligned with the show’s focus on sustainable design solutions.

When the filming was carried out, Rubblazzo was still in the research and development phase, Tom’s endorsement and the positive feedback received from viewers helped bolster Rubblazzo as a pioneering material for outdoor design projects.